Today’s Game: Giants (79-70) Vs Dodgers (84-65) at Dodger Stadium, 7:15 pm
Madison Bumgarner (14-9, 2.66) vs Clayton Kershaw (11-3, 1.81)

It’s a new day in Giants nation. Let’s pretend the past 2 months did not happen and this is the first game of the second half. The Giants open a three game series at Dodger Stadium with a matchup of Madbum vs Kershaw. Let’s stop for a second and take a pause in our busy lives. Madbum vs Kershaw!

Your Future

In 20 years we will be telling stories to our friends, kids, grandkids and retirement home nurses:

You: “Did you know that I watched Madbum and Kershaw in their primes before you were even born? You should have seen it! Bumgarner rode a horse onto Willie Mays Field once to hoist the World Series Champions Flag! He single-handedly put the team on his back in 2014 to win three World Series games! He hits home runs and chops down trees for fun!”

Retirement Home Nurse: “Time for your medication. Please tie up your gown… ”

You: And Clayton Kershaw? Well he used to make opposing Major League hitters look like little leaguers at their first practice after a winter of eating ice cream and playing Pokemon… Kershaw’s ERA was 1.88 going into one game in September! Kershaw won Cy Youngs and ERA titles but he could never match Madbum for postseason success!

Retirement Home Nurse: “Mr. Giants Fan, please, I’m trying to do my job here. If you don’t take your medication I am going to call your daughter.”

Yup, this is a golden age alright! Think Steve Carlton vs Sandy Koufax, in the same game, in a pennant race! Let’s enjoy the glory of the game and the matchup. Let’s hope Madbum goes deep in a winning effort. The Giants are 5 games back and have 6 left against the Trolley Dodgers. A sweep begins with one win…

Guest Posts

I have already invited some of you to send me guest posts. Let’s make this an open invitation among all of us inmates since we’re running the asylum now. Here are you parameters:

  • Your origin story: How you fell in love with baseball and the Giants
  • Minimum 300 words
  • You favorite Giants memory (with details please)
  • One large photo (you, you at a game, your memorabilia, etc…)

I will try to get them all published. Please email them to me at