Today’s Game: Giants (79-71) Vs Dodgers (85-65) at Dodger Stadium, 7:00 pm
Johnny Cueto (16-5, 2.86) vs Rich Hill (3-1, 1.48)

After vowing never to watch another Giants game after last night’s heartache here I am looking forward to tonight’s game. To quote Willie Dixon: “I Can’t Quit You Giants”.

Johnny Cueto is on the mound vs. Rich Hill in Dodger Stadium. No need to get into all the high drama from last night. The Togethers have hashed it out pretty well in the comments.

I was pleased to hear Bruce Bochy announce on his twitter feed that the Giants are going to start a new routine before every game: Yoga, meditation and group hugs at 6 AM.

It’s time to see what the Giants are made of. Hopefully the team hypnotist worked her magic on the pitching staff, on the whole team and coaching staff during this morning’s pre-game yoga and meditation session. Word has it that while doing the lotus position, Bumgarner had to be separated from the Dodger stadium waterboy who was approaching our ace with an odd look…

MadBum: “That kid wearing the Dodger t-shirt was kind of staring me down…”

Dodger Waterboy (quivering with fear): “I … I  I just wanted his autograph…”

Madbum: “Come here kid, Let me give you a hug…You want a selfie?”

You can do this Giants. Remember your Championship blood. It may be time for a transfusion.