by GreekGiant

As I was thinking about the first post for this new blog I was debating whether or not to look back (at the Giants loss yesterday) or look forward (to tonight’s game vs the Cardinals). I chose neither, or both. I started this blog so my fellow Giants Extra refugees could find a new home. I want it to be a labor of love and a place where we can all hang out and keep in touch to discuss our lives and our love of the Giants.

It has been a fascinating experience receiving so many emails from Extra readers and contributors asking me to keep them posted on the progress of the new site. I realized in the past week how much that Giants blog and Giants love held so many of us together in some odd way. I know I used to check Giants Extra constantly during the day and night. It became a home away from home for me, a way to engage with Giants fans, all of them: the fun and crazy and bright and the old and the new…

I will post regularly on this site. I will write about the Giants games. I will give you numbers and tidbits, lineups and such. I will give you more philosophical angles on baseball whenever we have downtime during the season. I will also integrate great videos and photos from recent and older Giants history.

I will invite many of our fellow Extra refugees to contribute to share their insights.

I ask that we keep things civil and respectful in all posts and remember to write things we would be willing to speak to each other if we were in the same room… a tall order indeed but a concept worth keeping in mind…

Tonight’s Game Vs the Cardinals (76-69), 7:15 at Mays Field:
Adam Wainright (11-8, 4.45) vs Johnny Cueto (15-5, 2.90)

The Giants are trying to win the first game of the homestand after an odious three game sweep at the hands of the lowly Padres. The Cardinals and Giants are fighting for the Wild Card berths while the Giants may continue to harbor illusions of winning the division and topping the Dodgers, who they trail by 5 games.