Steady rain falling on the morning of the first scheduled Giants Cactus League game. Photo Credit: DrLefty’s iPhone

by DrLefty

Life is full of disappointments.

Everything went great yesterday. Our flight from Sacramento to Phoenix was right on schedule, and when we went to the hotel in Tempe to drop off our bags, our room was ready, even though it wasn’t quite noon. Just in time to sneak in a tuna panini at my local favorite, Postino, before my afternoon workshop. The workshop went well, I enjoyed a lovely happy hour with my hosts, and then MrLefty and I Lyfted over to Scottsdale to have a very nice dinner.

As for today–well, see the photo above, which I took from our Tempe hotel about half an hour ago (8:30 am AZ time). Forecast for the rest of the day does not look encouraging. Here is the latest from the SF Giants Twitter account.

Just went down to breakfast here at the Tempe Residence Inn. No bacon today.  Life, as I’ve mentioned, is full of disappointments.

IF there were to be a game today/tonight, this would be the lineup.


Duggar CF, Longoria 3B, Belt 1B, Posey C, Davis RF, Slater LF, Dubon SS, Solano 2B, Ruf DH, D-Rod starting pitcher


We’re going to check out of our Tempe hotel, head over to the Phoenix hotel where we’re booked for tonight to drop off our bags, and look for a movie to go to, or something. We did get a nice view of the ASU football stadium from our room, though.


I’ll be back later today or tomorrow morning with a more fulsome post. A dejected Lefty out for now.