Dr Lefty

What happened in 1902?  Well, that was the last time the Giants were this far out of first place in July, and Ray Woodson, KNBR host, gives some historical perspective on that in these Tweets:

On the other hand, the Giants won the World Series in 1905 (their first in franchise history)!  So that’s not so long to wait!  And 2020 is an even year!

So Sorry, Austin

Awful news on Slater’s injury from Alex Pavlovic.

This is worse than I thought. Feel better, Austin. You were one of the few bright spots of this season.  I also saw that Jarrett Parker has a sore neck and his rehab has been paused. Parker didn’t play in the River Cats’ doubleheader yesterday and is with the Giants in San Francisco.  So, left field for the foreseeable future is…Gorkys. And Mac.  What of Chris Shaw, who hit another homer yesterday?  Well, Henry Schulman of the Chronicle thinks the Giants don’t want to rush him (or rush starting his clock before they have to) but….sheeesh.  Left field, for the foreseeable future, is Gorkys Hernandez and a guy who was struggling in AAA. It is just kind of unbelievable what this has come to. (Also makes you wonder why Slater was playing through a sore hip for a couple weeks–hello, trainers?  Anybody home?)

OK, the Game

Full disclosure:  I was out eating some of the best prime rib I’ve ever had in my life during the game, at a restaurant a stone’s throw from AT & T Park. Didn’t see any of it except for the bottom of the ninth. The Marlins closer is nasty. Samardzija had a very Samardzija-like game. His rare walk didn’t hurt him, but all the Marlins’ hits did. The Marlins have a pretty great lineup. If Jose Fernandez hadn’t gone joy-riding in the middle of the night last September, this might be a team to watch rather than one perhaps about to be dismantled when Jeffrey Loria finally sells the team. Can we have their whole outfield if they’re selling stuff?

I was going to say something snarky about George Kontos, who as you all know is not one of my favorites, but instead I’ll just observe that wild pitches aren’t usually his thing. (Hanging sliders are. Wait, was that snarky?) 

One More Before the Break

So Johnny Cueto’s taking his missed start today, meaning Matt Cain misses his. Then the Giants slink off for a much-needed breather. They have to be wondering why bother coming back. But let’s try to have a good one for the fans today, shall we, guys?  Lefty out.